Get a Taste of Mexico… in Los Angeles

TOM Postcard frontNormally when people think about Mexico and her culture, they associate that specifically with being in Mexico.  Tonight though, many of us will be celebrating Mexico, her culture and specifically the authentic flavors from south of the border, but in another location.

In 2010 a group of restaurant owners in Los Angeles decided to hold an annual event to highlight the traditional/authentic flavors of comida Mexicana and the Taste of Mexico was born.

That is where I will be tonight, at the Taste of Mexico, to be held at La Plaza, the birthplace of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, while not within the geographic confines of Mexico, is one of the great Mexican cities.  Within her borders are people from almost every region of Mexico and you can find food spanning the country from Yucatecan poc chuc to Ensenada fish tacos.  There will be a who’s who of the Mexican food scene there.  Guelaguetza Restaurant, La Casita Mexicana, Frida’s Mexican Cuisine and La Monarca Bakery, whose owners founded Taste of Mexico will all be represented, as will many other great Mexican restaurants from Los Angeles.

If you are going, look for me there and if not, keep checking back at Dave Miller’s Mexico as we will soon be posting photos, videos and more on this important and special annual event from the heart of My Mexico in downtown Los Angeles.

tasteofmex jr_davemiller.mx2013-0369

Dave and Joe at Taste of Mexico 2013

 More photos and food reviews soon!

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