Ed Draves Samples… Mezcal Rey Campero’s “Jabali”

Rey Campero, Dave Millers Mexico, Mezcal Reviews

Brand… Rey Campero

Category… Jabali from the agave Convallis

Origin… Zoquitlan, Oaxaca

Tasting Notes… A real treat – slightly opaque, black pepper and citrus on the nose, strong mineral component.  This mezcal is full bodied with a mouth coating texture that is extraordinary and thick.  The 48% alcohol content provides more balance than heat and you’ll experience an intense mineral and spice that comes to a crescendo with i hint of lemon.  After a solid 3-4 minutes another fruity note arises on the finish and lasts. This is so delicious that you’ll wait to take a second (or 3rd or 4th) sip. The finish on this fine mezcal lasts over 10 minutes.

Rating… 4.5 magueys


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