What’s on your Bucket List? Here’s mine & it’s all Mexico!

Bucket List… the Urban Dictionary defines it as a list of things to do before you die. No matter how you look at it, it comes down to this… what are those off the charts things you want to do or see before you “kick the bucket?”

For me, that list is all Mexicentric, or all about Mexico.

I’ve decided to limit my list right now to five. Some are places to go, and others are things to do. Either way, if I can get these five checked off, I’ll be pretty happy.

So, here it is, my Mexico Bucket List. Hopefully I’ll get a few of these checked off before 2015 ends.

Tulum, Xel Ha, Dave Millers Mexico, Tulum.com,

Xel Ha, maybe the largest real life aquarium where you can snorkel, in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

1. Visit Tulum. The playa, cenotes, history & ancient Mayan cities… what’s not to love about this place? Seriously, you can swim underground, and then take an evening dip in the ocean. Then go spend a few days exploring and learning about the ancient culture and civilizations before just hanging out at the pool while sipping an ice cold cerveza. or you can just do nothing. For me, Tulum is the perfect bucket list vacation location.

And did I mention the snorkeling? Just look at Xel Ha pictured above. For more info, check out Tulum.com. 

Agua Azul Waterfalls, Chiapas, Tourism, Dave Millers Mexico, Bucket List

The Blue Waterfalls… a must see when visiting Chiapas

2. Visit Chiapas. Palenque, the most famous archeological area in the state is just a starting point. Throughout the Lacondon Jungle where macaws fly wild there are numerous ancient Mayan cities to explore.

Add in Sumidero Canyon with the 1000 meter stone walls, untold coffee plantations, spectacular colonial architecture and you’re in paradise. I’m guessing I could spend weeks poking around this diverse state and still not see everything. Get all the info from the Mexican Board of Tourism.

El Chepe, Copper Canyon, Go Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

Just like the Old Wild Wild West trains! Complete with a bar car…

3. See Copper Canyon. Larger than the Grand Canyon and visible from a train, that’s right a train, complete with food and a bar car, just like James West used to ride in. Copper Canyon has been on my unofficial list for years. And yes, I want to do it all. Stay in comfort, wake up en la manana to a spectacular view, explore the canyon floor and be treated to some incredible food. And why not? It’s my bucket list isn’t it?

Here’s a great photo gallery from our friend Suzanne Barbezat at Go Mexico.

Punta Mita Golf, Vallarta, Golf, Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico, Jack Nicklaus

Third hole at the Jack Nicklaus designed Pacifico Course at Punta Mita, rated the number 1 course in Latin America

4. Play golf at the Jack Nicklaus designed courses at Punta Mita, just north of Puerta Vallarta. I cannot imagine a better way to spend a day with friends than chasing after a little white ball on this incredibly beautiful course with incredible views. And with all respect to noted course designer Pete Dye, this course has a real island green.

Besides, after I hack out my 120 on the course and lose about a dozen balls, I’ll still be smiling as I watch a sweet sunset from my pool at the Four Seasons later that evening.

marlin fishing, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, Fishing, Dave Millers Mexico, Bucket List

Tournament marlin time with these babies brought in by the guys at PV Charters in Puerta Vallarta

5. Marlin Fishing. No doubt about it, since I started watching Gadabout Gaddis and reading Field and Stream years ago with my dad, I’ve been hooked on fishing. The best fight I ever had on a line was the last time I went fishing with my dad. It was a wonderful 40 pound yellowtail. Okay, maybe not 40 pounds, but it was a classic.

A day on the open ocean hooking up with a giant marlin like these brought in by PV Charters would be an indescribable joy.

So there it is! My Bucket List and a big thank you to Leslie Carter for the encouragement of her great blog, Bucket List Publications.

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