Fall color, waterfalls and fresh roasted coffee… all off the beaten track in Mexico!

I love to tell people that to truly experience the uniqueness of Mexico you need to get off the beaten track.

Last week I was so far off that track I wasn’t even on the grid… literally. No cell service, no internet, nothing, even on my Mexican phone.

So what did find?

Coffee, Mexico, Gastronomy, Oaxaca, Dave Millers Mexico

Fresh roasted “cafe de altura” from the mountains of Oaxaca

How about fresh coffee that we roasted on a comal with friends on a cool autumn night.

Eloxochitlan, Dave Millers Mexico, Mexico Travel, Mexico Tourism

What about waterfalls so incredible that they must be seen to be believed?

Dave Millers Mexico, Eloxochitlan, Mexico Travel, Mexico Tourism

And then, something that just caught me totally by surprise… fall colors. That’s right, in a country famous for beaches, the rocky roads of the Baja 500 and miles of northern desert, we found a completely unspoiled forest, just starting to change color.

You want to experience Mexico like never before? Contact us and we’ll show you some of the incredible nooks and crannies of this wonderfully diverse country.

My Mexico!


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