5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience… with Charles Collins of Real Matlatl Mezcal

Real Matlatl, Mezcal, Dave Millers Mexico, 5 Mezcals to Experience, Mexico

Charles Collins of Real Matlatl with two of their offerings

We first met the gang from Real Matlatl at the Feria de Mezcal in Oaxaca in 2013. It was there that we had our first chance to sample their Mezcal Cerrudo. You can read our Real Matlatl reviews here.

We wanted to go back to one of their team members and get their mezcal recs, and we finally got a chance to catch up in San Diego recently.

Here are the 5 Mezcals of Charles Collins, International Brand Ambassador of Real Matlatl, says you have to experience… in no particular order.

Mezcal Union… from San Baltazar, this mezcal is an ensamble of types, mixing espadin and cirial.

Mezcal Koch… another beauty from San Baltazar made primarily from wild, as opposed to farmed agaves.

Yuu Baal… a co-op of mezcaleros from San Juan del Rio, San Luis del Rio, Tlacolula, Albarradas and Yautepec who all work together to make Yuu Baal happen.

Marca Negra… Always above 45%, this mezcal packs some heat and has one of the most distinctive bottles in the business.

Mezcal Espina Dorada... From Matatlan. Based on our work trying to find anything online about this mezcal, you can assume Charles is recommending something pretty obscure. So from our perspective, it’s gotta be darn good!

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