The Buffalo Mezcalero Samples… Tequila G4 Blanco!

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Normally those of here at Dave Miller’s Mexico are usually found sipping Mezcal, our preferred libation when we are in Oaxaca. But, as luck would have it, recently we passed through Guadalajara and you cannot visit the city of roses and not try some tequila.

We reached out to a friend for a recommendation, and he said to give the G4 Blanco a try. We found a bottle when we visited the fabulous tequila store El Buho run by Emilio Ferriera Ruiz in Tlaquepaque and snapped it up.

Here’s our thoughts!

Brand… Tequila G4… bottled at La Pandilla Distillery in Arandas, Jalisco

Category… Blanco

Origin… Arandas, Jalisco

Tasting Notes… Very powerful nose, strong floral component very tasty with the floral notes carrying through. Some mineral on the finish with a slight burn to it. Good flavor – a nice drink for after dinner.  Note on second pass the finish picks up a citrusy note that is quite good.

Maguey Rating… 2.5 magueys

Availability… Look for it at El Buho in Tlaquepaque next time you are in the Guadalajara area.

Cost… $20.00 USD

El Buho, Juarez 164 B, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico ~ 33.3659.0863

The Buffalo Mezcalero – Ed Draves… A wine sommelier by trade, Ed has become enthralled with mezcal and serves as our go to guy for mezcal reviews and all things spirits related.  When not writing for Dave Miller’s Mexico, Ed is also the Wine Manager for the Premier Group of Western New York.

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