Kitchens of Oaxaca… where the magic happens

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience life inside a house in Mexico, you learn pretty quick that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Kitchens of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

The kitchen as the heart of the home… talking with friends in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.

But it is more than that. Perhaps more than any other part of the house, the kitchen holds the secrets of the family. Dreams are shared, tragedies are explained and, much to the delight of the family, recipes are created. Salsas, molés, special flavors and solutions to the problems of the day are all dreamed up in the kitchen.I’ve had the wonderful privilege to experience many a kitchen around Mexico. I’ve been in church kitchens in Ensenada, restaurant kitchens with some of the best chefs in Oaxaca, and everything in between.

Here’s a inside look at just a few of the kitchens I’ve been lucky enough to experience, off the typical tourist track in My Mexico, deep in the heart of Oaxaca! And if you want a closer look, contact me and I’ll make sure you get a chance to have a great meal from one of these great cocinas.


Kitchens of Oaxaca, Dave Miller's Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

Getting lunch ready in a bamboo sided kitchen in San Pedro Amatlán, Oaxaca.

Kitchen of Oaxaca, Dave Miller's Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

I’ve had some great breakfasts at this wonderful outdoor kitchen in Mitla.

Casa de los Sabores, Oaxaca Cooking School, Pilar Cabrera, Oaxaca

A fish eye’s view of Chef Pilar Cabrera’s of La Olla, home kitchen in Oaxaca.

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Dave Miller's Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

This kitchen in the Sierra Mixteca has more pans than they will ever use… but the food was incredible!

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Dave Miller's Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

A simple indoor “stove” in San Ildefonso Amatlán, Oaxaca. On tap this day was some wonderful caldo de pollo!

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Comal, Mexican Kitchens, Dave Miller's Mexico

A comal is almost indispensable in preparing authentic Oaxacan comidas.

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Origen, Oaxaca, Rodolfo Castellanos, Dave Millers Mexico

Inside Chef Rodolfo Castellanos’ teaching kitchen at Origen in Oaxaca

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Dave Millers Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

The “stove” is set in concrete on a small wooden table in this house, high above Oaxaca, in Eloxochitlán.

Kitchens of Oaxaca, Dave Miller's Mexico, Mexican Kitchens

Dessert time at our ranch kitchen, south of Oaxaca on the road to Zimatlan.

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