Building Your Personal Mezcal Collection… courtesy of the Mezcal Phd.!

mezcal, dave millers mexico, oaxaca

Part of my small but growing mezcal collection.

With a lengthy stay in the hospital behind me and my strength coming back each and every day, it’s time to start thinking about Mexico again.

And, as you can imagine, one of the first things I’ll be doing after I get totally cleared is to sit down and enjoy some mezcal.

If you are unable to get to Oaxaca, all I can say, que lastima, or in English, what a shame, because your options for mezcal here in the good ole US of A, while improving, are still fairly limited. But if you can go, what awaits you will be a virtual cornucopia of mezcals, branded and unbranded, rare and common, exotic, different and mind blowing.

But there will be a catch… how will you get your new found jewels of the mezcal world home?

Have no fear.

Dave Millers Mexico, Mezcal Phd, John McEvoy, Mezcal, oaxaca

What John brought back after a recent trip to Oaxaca

Our friend John McEvoy, known around mezcalandia as the Mezcal Phd., has got your back in this short post he wrote after returning with practically a steamer trunk full of mezcal.

How Much Mezcal Can One Bring back From Oaxaca?

This is a public service post.  I am not an airline employee.  I do not work for US Customs.  I have not searched with an unrelenting fervor into all the rules and regulations on bringing bottles of booze back into the US from abroad.  But I know enough to be dangerous and have several bottle-laden trips behind me so I have a bit of experience.  Experience does NOT equal expertise so please do not take this as gospel.

When I post a bunch of bottle shots after a trip to Oaxaca, I frequently get asked how I was able to bring back that much mezcal (and I get asked even more frequently if I will share!).  So here is a quick take on the way I see it.

Read the rest of John’s article… and if you’re ready to make the trek to Oaxaca and the areas like Solo de Vega and Matatlán, to name a few, to experience this wonderful spirit at the source, contact us and we’ll help you work it out.

5 replies

  1. Great blurb. Finally cracked the cork on my Campero. Good stuff. Gotta make it last it a year, tough, but I can do it 😉

  2. Great info on Santiago Matatlan! I’ll be in staying in Tlacolula, Oaxaca in June and I’m planning to visit Matalan to see some palenques. Other than Palenque Mal de Amor where is a good place to see the process and sample some good Mezcal?

    • Elias, in Matatlan, I would certainly go see Real Matlatl… known as Don Tacho, Fabrica de Mezcal… great stuff… Drop me a personal note to oaxdave at gmail dot com and I can give you a few other ideas. When in June will you be there?

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