Ed Draves Samples… Mezcal Meteoro!

Mezcal Meteoro, Dave Millers Mexico, Mezcal ReviewsLegend has it that many years ago a meteor fell from the sky and hit Oaxaca, Mexico. It was then that a local mezcalero decided to use the red hot pit left from the impact to cook his magueys before distilling them into mezcal.

Now that mezcal has a name, Meteoro, reviewed by Ed Draves, a Buffalo native and our resident taster of all things mezcal that we come across.

Brand… Mezcal Meteoro

Category… 100% Joven Espadin, 45% Alcohol

Origin… Las Margaritas, Oaxaca

Tasting Notes… Very pretty floral, sweet nose  showing mild heat. This pleasant mezcal really opens up in the glass. Upon entry there’s that heat, citrus peel and then — BAM! Lots of mineral carrying through on the finish with the citrus peel peeking through. Maybe that’s the meteor effect. Wine lovers will recall a similarity with high end bone dry Riesling,

Maguey Rating… 3 magueys

Availability… Widely available in the US

Cost… $65.00 – $75.00 USD

Note… Ed Draves sampled both Meteoro and Espiritu Lauro, reviewed here, at the same time, comparing them side by side. He felt, taken together, these two mezcals showed off well the diversity of mezcal. John McEvoy, the Mezcal Phd, is a firm believer in comparing mezcals side by side… as he told me one day, “there’s no better way [to understand the diversity of mezcal!]”

That’s why we took the step of releasing our tasting notes for these two mezcals on the same day, so you too could experience them “side by side!”

Explaining our ratings…

Here’s where we start.  We love mezcal, but more importantly, we love artisanal mezcal.  The type that and hand made, following the centuries old traditions passed down from one generation to the next.

We only review small batch mezcal so if you are expecting to read about mezcals that come from some 10,000 liter vat, you won’t find them here.  We don’t believe that they truly represent the heart and soul of the truly magical mezcals that are produced in Oaxaca and other places around the great country of Mexico.

We rate everything on a scale of 1 to 5 magueys.

If we write it up, it’s good and will be guaranteed at least 1 maguey.  3 magueys is top notch and the cherished 5 maguey rating is reserved for the really special stuff.  If you are fortunate to have a mezcal that gets 5 magueys, consider yourself fortunate, because it is a top of the mountain spirit, in the same class as a fine French wine or a treasured single malt Scotch.

Finally, not all of the mezcals we review are available in the US.  This reflects the view of Ulises Torrentera of In Situ Mezcaleria, and many mezcaleros, that to truly appreciate mezcal, sooner or later you need to visit us in Oaxaca.


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