It’s all Golden for La Niña del Mezcal at 2015 DARDO

La Nina del Mezcal, DARDO, Bacanora, Dave Millers Mexico

The Gold Medal winner at the 2015 Festival Dardo in Mexico City from La Niña del Mezcal


Congrats to longtime Dave Miller’s Mexico amiga Cecilia Rios Murrieta on winning the Gold Medal at Festival 2015 DARDO, recently held in Mexico City. The prestigious award was given for her Bacanora.

Look for the entire line of her spirits across the states as everyday, more and more outlets are carrying them.

Once again, muchas felicidades a La Niña del Mezcal.

For a fun list of mezcals to try, here’s 5 from La Niña that you’re gonna love.


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