Xochimilco… The World Heritage Canals of Mexico City

Xochimilco, Mexico City, Dave Millers Mexico

The gondolas of Xochimilco

People from Mexico City dismiss it.

Folks from the rest of the country can’t resist it.

And it’s on many “must see” lists if people are visiting the sprawling Mexico City, now branded as CDMX, from another country.

Am I talking about the famous ruins of Teotihuacan, the Zócalo, or some hip new restaurant in Polanco, one of the more swanky areas of Mexico City?

Not a chance! I am talking about Xochimilco, a World Heritage Site, smack in the middle of the city. It’s where you can rent a boat and float on what remains of the ancient canal system that used to be highways and byways of this great city.

Xochimilco, Mexico City, Dave Millers Mexico

At Xochimilco, you can get Norteño, Trios, Marimbas and even a Mariachi to play a song or two for you

Davíd, they ask, “Why do you want to go there, it’s all so dirty? Muy Quesoso!

The answer is simple… it’s a hoot!

Xochimilco, Dave Millers Mexico, Mexico City

Got a sweet tooth? Try a candied apple… just one of the many food options available at Xochimilco

Where else can you get carne asada grilled while you float on a Mexican gondola? Don’t like carne asada? No problem… get some grilled corn. Or candied apples. Or a beer. Or a tequila. And while you’re at, throw in a little Mariachi Loco tambien!

Xochimilco, Dave Millers Mexico, Mexico City

Corn on the cob Mexican style? Of course it’s available, made fresh daily

For the money, [$25.00USD an hour] this is one of the best bargains to experience a little bit of Mexico. Just think this through. You’ve got a group of friends who want to do something different. Why not go spend part of a day floating around the city just hanging out? Seriously, you can put 10-15 people on the boats.

Is it a tourist trap?

Xochimilco, Mexico City, Dave Millers Mexico

Serapes, bags, rugs… all available on the floating souvenir shop at Xichimilco

Of course it is, but at least it does have roots in history. And it’s colorful, fun and eclectic all at once. And, if you’re lucky, maybe the souvenir boat will sail by and you can buy a few of those cool Mexican serapes.

What more could you ask for from My Mexico?


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