Dining with Dave… The 18th Annual Feria del Mezcal

Oaxaca and Mezcal go together like… well, let’s just say their tight! While you can get mezcal in other parts of the country, Oaxaca is ground zero for this trending 500 year old spirit.

Mezcal, Feria del Mezcal, Oaxaca, Dave Millers Mexico, Dave Miller

Here I am with Joe Ramirez at the entrance to the 18th Annual Feria del Mezcal in Oaxaca

For the last 18 years, mezcaleros from across the state and mezcal enthusiasts from around the world have been joining together in what essentially is a giant mezcal fiesta, the Annual Feria de Mezcal.

Here’s how it works, you pay a small fee, currently about $3.00 US, to get in and you can sample from some of the best mezcals around. Before you get all excited, let me warn you, these are tastes, not shots… very small amounts that allow you to get a sense of what you’re tasting.

Real Matlatl, Mezcal, Dave Millers Mexico, Dave Miller, Feria del Mezcal

Catching up with our friends from Real Matlatl at this years Feria del Mezcal in Oaxaca

But here’s the deal, while the samples may be small, the selection is not. Want to try a rare Cerrudo from Real Matlatl? It’s here. The Ensamble from Wahaka Mezcal? It’s here too. In fact, this year many of the top brands were well represented.

Wahaka Mezcal, Alberto Morales, Dave Miller, Dave Millers Mexico

It’s always good to see Maestro Mezcalero Alberto Morales of Wahaka Mezcal

Also among the more than 50 vendors, Koch Mezcal was there with their wonderful Lumbre and Ensamble, El Rey Campero with their Jabali, and El Rey Zapoteco with their classic Espadin. There were even some up and comers like Jarabe del Pico, which was just named as one of our 5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience by Eduardo Belaunzarán. And yes, as in the past, there were plenty of the creamy flavored mezcals again this year if you prefer your libation on the sweet side.

Koch Mezcal, Feria del Mezcal, Dave Millers Mexico

The line of Koch Mezcals

So what are you waiting for? If you love mezcal, there’s still time to get here and visit the 18th Annual Feria del Mezcal being held this year in Parque Llano. My recommendation is this… go during the day if you want some serious face time with the mezcaleros, the folks who make this wonderful spirit. In the evening the event can get over run and packed.


Mezcal El Rey Zapoteco, Dave Miller, Dave Millers Mexico

Checking in with El Rey Zapoteco at this years Feria del Mezcal… and thanks guys for taking care of us in the rain!

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