Ed Draves Samples… Mezcal El Jolgorio Tobalá

Jolgorio, Mezcal, Tobala, Dave Millers Mexico, Mezcal ReviewsI’ve worked in San Baltazar Guelavila for years and recently had the opportunity to visit Maestro Mezcalero Gregorio Martinez at his palenque.  Gregorio is the man behind El Jolgorio’s Tobalá. Considered nobility in the world of mezcal, the tobalá is known by many as the “King of the Magueys”.

We had a great time, talked a lot of mezcal and of course, I left with a little of this fine mezcal to add to my collection.

Here are the notes from Ed Draves, our resident taster of all things mezcal at Dave Miller’s Mexico…

BrandEl Jolgorio

Category… Tobalá 47% ABV

Origin… San Baltazar Guelevila

Tasting Notes…This has a nose that reminds me of cocoa and citrus, perhaps  “orange chocolate” would be a good descriptor. Very nice viscosity in the mouth with a little smokey character and some “forest floor”. You’ll notice some notes of smoke on the dry finish along with a a bit of heat. A very pleasant mezcal. 

Maguey Rating…3 Magueys

Availability… Widely available in the US.

Cost… between $100.00US and $125.00US a bottle [750ML].

Want to know how we taste and rate mezcal? Check out our post, Mezcal Tasting 101 for the inside scoop.

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