Ed Draves Samples… Mezcal Jarabe de Pico

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I first became aware of this mezcal through Eduardo Belaunzarán of Wahaka Mezcal. We asked Eduardo, who also writes Mezcaleando, if he would give us his list of 5 Mezcals You Have to Experience and Jarabe de Pico was on this list.

Fast forward a few weeks and as I was walking around the 18th Annual Feria del mezcal in Oaxaca, Jarabe de Pico had a booth. We talked for a few minutes, I tried a little mezcal and a few days later I found myself at the palenque in San Dionesio getting to know Clemente Martinez, the Maestro Mezcalero behind this wonderful mezcal.

I couldn’t wait to get a sample to our taster Ed Draves so we could get his thoughts. Here are his notes, and remember, our tastings are blind. Ed had no idea what he had in front of himself!

Brand… Jarabe de Pico

Category… Espadin 46% ABV

Origin… San Dionesio Ocotepec

Tasting Notes…This has a nice citrus/licorice nose.  It’s a beautiful mezcal with a spicy component on the back end that shows a woodsy/smokey character in the mouth. Expect a very long finish blending some spice with a nice mineral component. Easy to like yet very complex.

Maguey Rating… 4 Magueys

Availability… Still not available in the US.

Cost… The Espadin, available only in Oaxaca right now, can be yours for 400 pesos, or about $30.00US. A great buy.

Want to know how we taste and rate mezcal? Check out our post, Mezcal Tasting 101 for the inside scoop.


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