Ready, Set, Go… it’s time for the Annual Taste of Mexico

Taste of Mexico, Los Angeles, DTLA, Mexican FoodEach year the stars align and the result is a wonderful night of food, fun and delight as an assortment of the best chefs in Los Angeles combine to throw a massive Mexican food party, appropriately named, the Taste of Mexico.

Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

Food Royalty in Los Angeles. The Chefs of Taste of Mexico

To say this is a must attend event if you love Mexican food, is an understatement. Here in all its splendor, is almost every iteration of what someone who travels south of the border can expect.

Fridas Tacos, Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

La Monarca, Pan Dulce, Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers MexicoI’ve had everything from tropical ceviche, to great pan dulce, to huitlacoche, to tacos, to tequila, to kosher mole, to tacos, to octopus tostadas, to tortas, to tacos, to mezcal, to avocado mousse and more.

Did I mention the tacos? Fish, carne asada, arrachera, rib eye, al pastor, I’ve had ’em all.

Taste of Mexico, Los Angeles Tacos, Fridas Tacos, Dave Millers Mexico

Rib Eye Tacos, Tacos, Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

But this is more than a wonderful food fest. It is a celebration of the authentic flavors and tastes, of Mexico! Did you get that? Authentic tastes, which gives you the freedom to explore, create, and innovate.

You see, so often Mexican food gets seen only within a certain food bubble. think tacos, enchiladas and mole. As great as those items are, there is just so much more to Mexican food. You’ll quickly experience that at the Taste of Mexico.

Michelada, Fernando Lopez, Taste of Mexico, Guelaguetza RestaurantSo if you don’t have your tickets yet, get on it! Why? Because there is no better place north of the border to sample the incredible variety of traditional flavors of My Mexico than this Saturday at the Annual Taste of Mexico in Los Angeles! And you might miss your chance to get one of the best micheladas in Los Angeles.


Tickets available here.

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