Eloxochitlán… a chance to give back to my adopted country

Eloxochitlan, Sierra Mazateca, Dave Millers Mexico

The town square of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magon

Nine months ago, Eloxochitlán, Oaxaca, a village where my foundation holds an annual medical clinic, erupted in violence. Two friends were killed, many others lost their homes, their cars and hope.

This week, instead of being on my “normal” fall schedule and attending the Taste of Mexico in Los Angeles, I will be back in the Sierra Mazateca in that very village with another team of medical professionals.

Dave Millers Mexico, Eloxochitlan, Oaxaca, Adventures in Life, Medical Ministry

This is what our line was like everyday last year. We expect the same this year.

To bring some hope and encouragement to a village still recovering from that devastating day.

If you’re the praying type, now’s a good time. Pray for the safety of my team, wisdom for our doctors and that we have enough medicine to meet the needs in this, one of the poorest communities in Oaxaca.

If you want to read more about the violence of December 14, click here.


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