Dining with Dave… The 2015 Taste of Mexico

Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico, Los Angeles

The founders of the Taste of Mexico, the premier Mexican food event in Los Angeles.

Every year Los Angeles celebrates the authentic flavors, ingredients and traditions of the wonderful cuisine of our neighbors to the south, Mexico. Known as the Taste of Mexico, this annual event, this year celebrating 5 years, is the brainchild of Los Angeles restauranteurs Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu of La Casita Mexicana, Vicente del Rio of Frida Mexican Cuisine, Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza Restaurant and Ricardo Cervantes of La Monarca Bakery.

We’ve been a part of everyone of these celebrations and each year is just a little different. As growth happens, and currently over 5000 people attend each year, the event moved last year to the LA Plaza in the heart of perhaps the most Mexican city outside of Mexico.

So what does it look like? A massive party held under the stars with 5000 of your closest friends where you get all the samples of the best Mexican food in LA you can eat, all the mezcal and tequila you can drink and even unlimited beer, unless of course the Victoria runs out, as it did this year. While it is gonna set you back $75.00, it is definitely worth it, or as we say in Mexico, “Vale la Pena!”

You get a chance to talk directly to the chefs, make lots of new friends and try some food you’re never going to find at your neighborhood place where they smother everything in grated yellow cheese. In my opinion, there is no better place to experience the breadth of tastes and flavors that you will find across My Mexico anywhere in the US.

Simply put, the Taste of Mexico is a most delicious food tour you should never miss!

Mezcal Los Javis, Los Javis, Taste of Mexico, Mezcal

Los Javis is a Taste of Mexico regular pouring some wonderful mezcal.

Here’s a great pic of Chef Natalie Curie, of El Coraloense serving up a delicious halibut fish taco with a huitlacoche butter garlic sauce and a tasty shrimp ceviche with dehydrated mango. A spectacular combo!

Chef Jimmy Shaw’s Loteria Grill served up a nice taco de chile en nogada, but the standout had to be the taco dulce, a dessert taco. Loaded with mango, grilled pineapple, sweet cheese cream, corn croutons, and a hibiscus reduction sauce, this was our photographer Brother Joe’s favorite of this years Taste! He called it unexpected, original and full of flavor from start to finish.

Jimmy Shaw, Loteria Grill, Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

The Dessert Taco from Chef Jimmy Shaw of Loteria Grill

Ilegal, Mezcal Ilegal, Taste of Mexico,

Gilbert Marquez of Mezcal Ilegal, one of the most popular folks at the Taste this year showing off his mixology skills.

Bricia Lopez, Guelaguetza, Vicente del Rio, Frida Mexican Cuisine, Taste of Mexico

Bricia Lopez, her dad Fernando of Guelaguetza and Vicente del Rio of Frida Mexican Cuisine, sharing a moment together.

New to the Taste this year was Chef Gilberto Cetina Jr, of Chichen Itza Restaurant, bringing the flavors of the Yucatan. He offered up salbutes, a traditional dish found in Merida, where we’ll be touring in February. Loaded with pork shoulder, beef short rib, pickled onion, cilantro, avocado, tomato and served on a puffy corn tortilla this was incredibly unique!

The Ceviche Project, Taste of Mexico, TOM 2015

Look at this! The Ceviche Project filleting a beautiful piece of tuna!

Taste of Mexico, TOM 2015

Here’s a nice addition to this year’s Taste… a traditional mercado loaded with arts and crafts from across Mexico.

PettyCash Taqueria had 2 delicious offering at this years Taste. They served up a great hamachi ceviche with tomatillo and avocado that was incredibly well balanced and loaded with flavor. Their 2nd offering was a killer oxtail mole tostada. Really good with a subtle deliciousness. They are a great addition to the Taste and an up and coming star in the Los Angeles market.

PettyCash Taqueria, Taste of Mexico, Dave Millers Mexico

The hamachi ceviche from PettyCash

Want to see more pics? Check out our gallery!

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