This Christmas, Give the Gift of Water to a Family in Mexico

Clean Water for Mexico, Dave Millers MexicoHere’s how it is supposed to work.

You go to the tap, sink, faucet, or whatever you call it, hold out your glass and you get a fresh, clean, pure, safe glass of drinking water.

Unless you are in Mexico.

Then you must buy your drinking water by the garrafon, because the water coming out of your pipes is not safe to drink.

I’ve seen the effects.

Children die in rural Mexico because of the lack of clean drinking water. Moms, convinced their kid will “get over it” will wait until it is too late to get a child help. That is what happens when you are poor and have no access to a doctor. The Mexican doctors with whom my foundation works have told me a lack of clean water is one of the biggest dangers to the health of children in rural, indigenous Mexico.

But we can change that. By providing water filters that literally, will save lives.

For $100.00, less than the cost of one bottle of great mezcal, you can make sure a family will have an abundant supply of clean drinking water. Over 500,000 gallons. Not only will that make sure the water they drink is clean, since they will not have to buy filtered water, you’ll be putting money on their table.

Money that can be used to better feed their families.

Currently, families in San Baltazar Guelivila, San Dionesio Ocotepec, San Pedro Amatlan, San Ildefonso Amatlan, Eloxochitlan, Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca and Zapopan are using filters we have provided.

In 2016 I want to expand that list and provide at least 50 more families with clean water. At $100.00 a filter, that’s $5000.00 total. Buy one, or buy 50, but please, help us out.

You are reading this blog because you love Mexico. Put that love to work this Christmas, make a tax-deductable donation using this link, or the link in our side bar, and be part of giving back to My Mexico, a country we all love.

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