5 Tequilas Everyone Needs to Experience… with Long Island Lou Tequila

Long Island Lou Tequila, Dave Millers MexicoLong Island Lou “Tequila” Caruso came to us through the comments on our blog. Since we’re mostly mezcal folks, we are always looking for a few good recs when it comes to tequila. With that said, we asked Lou to give us his list of 5 Tequilas Everyone Needs to Experience. 

Lou said 5 was just too hard so this list is “puro blancos.” We’ll bring you his “aged” list later.

Here they are, as always, in no particular order…

Fortaleza… This is a bold, funky  and tasty tequila. It shows what a real old world traditional tequila tastes like. Being complicated, expect to find many aromas and tastes, like olives, parmesan cheese, anise, along with pepper and spice. It has a nice oil mouth feel and  is smooth and silky. The boldness and complexity is spectacular. This tequila, from El Valle (lowlands) is made by Guillermo Sauza and is THE tequila for people in the know.

G4… About to come to America, G4 is spectacular and may be preferable for beginners but it’s great for experienced drinkers too. It is smooth and buttery, with plenty of sweet agave, spice and butterscotch. You’ll find it crisp, silky and clean. Like Fortaleza, it is traditionally made, cooked in ovens, and tahona crushed. Made by Felipe Camarena in the Los Altos region of Jalisco(highlands), it is simply delicious.

T1 Selecto… A well made, bold, agave forward higher proof tequila. The agaves are grown in the highlands (Los Altos) but the tequila is produced in El Valle (lowlands). German Gonzales’ tequila features light smoke, pepper, some mild heat, spicy and creamy with a smooth, fruity and earthy taste. A solid tequila.

Tequila Ocho… Each year Tequila Ocho brings us a different presentation, like fine wine. This is a wonderful tequila, made by Carlos Camarena and Tom Estes at the famous La Altena distillery in the highlands (Los Altos). Each bottle designates both the year it was produced and the precise field that the agaves were grown, to showcase the different terroir and taste profiles. It is oven slow cooked with a sweet, fruity, floral, peppery and spicy profile. Regardless of the year or presentation, it is always a great tequila.

Alquimia…  A smooth, organic and well made traditional highland (Los Altos) tequila. Don Adolfo makes this solid tequila with notes of pepper, spice, anise and vanilla. It’s a tasty, clean, buttery and silky tequila. You will not be disappointed in Alquimia.

Lou is a Tequila/Agave Connoisseur from Long Island, NY. His passion is to teach others what he knows about ALL Agave spirits, keeping it simple and fun!  Known as Lou Agave to his tequila buddies, you can find him on the web at Long Island Lou Tequila and on Facebook.

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