NOM 199. A direct assault on the world of mezcal…

Wahaka Mezcal, Dave Millers Mexico

Don’t let agave fields like this disappear, stand up against NOM 199

To highlight NOM 199, and how many in the industry known as “Traditional Mezcal” are standing in unity against it, we’re spending the entire week bringing you some of our mezcal news and views.

Some of our most popular posts are part of our 5 Mezcals You Need to Experience series. And with good reason. We’ve got great recs from every corner of the mezcal world. If you want some great advice on mezcal, then check out our page.

And then go sign the Petition to Save Traditional Mezcal!

Here’s the very real bottom line if NOM 199 is approved. All the great mezcals that our professionals love are in danger of being lost to a massive corporate takeover of the industry. In addition to the effect on mezcal, imagine what that would do to someone who supports his family by selling a few bottles of great mezcal each year.

If you are part of the growing fraternity of mezcal lovers around the globe, make your voice known in opposition to NOM 199 now. We’ve got less than a week.


Read more and get educated…

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