Ed Draves Samples… mezcal reviews you can use…

Most people will never get a chance to enjoy the great variety of mezcals made in Mexico.

One of the reasons for that is simple geography. You’ve got to be near the source, or you’re not gonna have many options. Let’s face it, it is only at a palenque that you can experience the full flavor of mezcal right as it is distilled, before it is adjusted for the American palate.

But there is also a fear factor at work here. Many people lack the experience to venture into the unknown. And a shelf full of different brands of mezcal, made from different agaves can be intimidating.

Our own Ed Draves is a great help here.

Ed tastes every mezcal we can get our hands on and writes up a quick review complete with tasting notes. It’s short, simple and made for someone starting out on their mezcal journey.

We’ve got all Ed’s reviews in one place. Take a look here.

And then, head over to the Tequila Interchange Project to sign their unifying statement to stop NOM 199, a proposed new law from the Mexican Government that could seriously alter the future of mezcal. And then once you do that, sign the petition at change.org also.

Both of these are vitally important in the battle to save traditional mezcal.

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