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Oaxaca Teachers Protest 2016

This is the Teatro Macedonia Alcala in the heart of the Historic Center of Oaxaca. All but abandoned because of the ongoing unrest.

Want to get an idea of what the historic city center of Oaxaca looks like right now? Check out this post from Shannon of Casita Colibri and you’ll understand why so many of us are upset right now.

And then ask yourself these questions.

When other UNESCO World Heritage sites are destroyed, people are up in arms. Why is there no international outcry for what is happening in Oaxaca right now?

Does anything seriously think there will be a Guelaguetza this year?

As tourism is the lifeblood of the Oaxacan economy, and as such the taxes that sustain that economy, how is destroying that business helpful to the cause?

If government will not sit down and talk with the teachers after all of this, what will it take?

Is there a way to restore order in the city?

These are just a few of the difficult questions arising from this years protests.


View From Casita Colibrí

At loose ends, can’t seem to focus on anything else, and since people have asked, here are photos from this morning’s walk through, what may be, an emerging war zone…










The blockades have resumed throughout the state and a mega march of teachers, parents, and supporters entered the zócalo a couple of hours ago.  I fear, as the handwriting on the wall says, this is just the beginning.

To all who have expressed concern for my safety, many thanks.  No worries, bottom line, I’m a chicken and have no plans to go out again today OR anytime there is even a hint of feeling unsafe.

And, if you want to follow the events on Twitter, the hashtag #OaxacaGrita is being used.





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  1. Thanks, Dave for your excellent reporting on the multi-layered complexity of the troubled circumstances in Oaxaca

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