Hotels in Oaxaca… choosing the best option for your hard earned money

Often times your hotel can make or break your vacation. Dave breaks down some of the options for you if Oaxaca is on your list of places to visit in Mexico.

Hotel Parador de Alcala

Hotel Parador de Alcala… located in the historic center of Oaxaca

Yes the teachers are protesting in Oaxaca. And that means there is some real uncertainty in the area right now. But if the past teaches us anything, it is that Oaxaca is resilient. That means soon Oaxaca will bounce back and when it does, you should be able to pick up some bargains on air and hotel reservations, get a chance to experience the culture and try some great mezcal.

I’ll be there soon and my flights were the cheapest in years, so get on the stick and start making plans because right now the dollar is strong and the value you can get is incredible.

If you’ve never been to Oaxaca, looking at all the options online can be daunting. Partly because you’re unfamiliar with the area and partly because every hotel tells you they are the best. It’s sort of like looking for menudo in Mexico. In all my years of travel, I’ve only ever seen places that sell “Rico Menudo.” Never once have I seen a place offering average menudo. All to say just as all menudo is not created rico, hotels are not all the best for your stay.

So let me help you out a little, giving you the inside scoop on a handful of hotels… where they’re located, what they offer and what the damage will be to your wallet.

In Town

Quinta Real – Quinta Real is the real deal. Located in the historic center of Oaxaca, it occupies an old convent from the 17th century. Simply put, it oozes charm. If top notch service and a refuge from the busy city are important to you, this is a great option. But beware because rather smallish rooms here can get pretty pricey, especially during high tourist season and festival times.

Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca

The pool and courtyard at Hotel Quinta Real

Casa Oaxaca – Think of Casa Oaxaca as that great pair of Ferragamo shoes. The moment you put them on, you’re in love. The moment you walk in off the street, the courtyard greets you and the stress starts to tumble away. Good size rooms, and a wonderful common area, Casa Oaxaca is also right in the heart of the action, but you’ll never know it from your quiet secluded room. Rates can run in excess of $200.00 a night.

Hotel Casa Oaxaca

The quiet, secluded common area of Casa Oaxaca

Hotel de la Parra – Another great center of town option. Located steps from the Zocalo, if the afternoon gets too hot for you, take a dip in the large pool and have a drink at their mezcal bar. The rooms are good sized and the staff is attentive and ready to serve. A plus for this property is the relatively low cost breakfast they serve, a great way to start your day. Rates start around $175.00 a night.

Parador de Alcala – Right on the parade route for the Guelaguetza, this property was once a house for Hernan Cortez. With 22 rooms, there will be something for everyone here. The property has a roof top pool and if you are there and a parade breaks out below, you can get a great view and have a drink or two from your vantage point “above it all!” The standard rooms are small, but come with cable television, a great bath and air conditioning, a real plus on a hot summer day. Breakfast is included but the rates will still run between $100.00 and $175.00 a night.

Hotel Parador de Alcala, Oaxaca Hotel

The suites at Parador de Alcala have plenty of room to relax and unwind after a day of tourism.

Around town

Mision de los Angeles – A little bit off the city center, but still within walking distance is Hotel Mision de los Angeles. Located in Colonia Reforma, this hotel is in the center of one of the best areas of Oaxaca. That distance means you’ll be pretty well insulated from all the noise of what’s going on around town. You’ll save some coin on your room costs, but remember, you’ll also be paying a little more on taxis to get you close to the action. Expect to pay around $100.00 a night.

Fiesta Inn – Think business hotel. 2 miles from the city center this place will make you think you are in hotel in Orange County, CA, a few steps from Disneyland. Spacious rooms, lots of amenities but no local charm. You’re also not gonna be taking a late night stroll around your neighborhood either, something you can safely do around any of the other properties listed. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get into this place at under $100.00 a night.

Casa Arnel Oaxaca

The balcony at Casa Arnel, overlooking El Barrio Jalatlaco, Oaxaca

Casa Arnel – This is where the locals stay. Backpackers too. It’s an old house converted into a series of spartan rooms with some of the firmest mattresses you’ll ever find in a hotel. No pool, no extras, just a basic room, great charm, a wonderful family and unbeatable rates. located a mile from the city center in the area known as Jalatlaco, a night at Casa Arnel will run about $50.00 a night. Daily breakfast runs about 5 bucks.

So there you have it. you won’t be disappointed in any of these options, but remember, book early and if you’re going to be in town in July, maybe I’ll see you. If not at your hotel, perhaps on the street, in one of the great restaurants or the Feria del Mezcal, held every year in Parque Llano!

Need more info? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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