Dining with Dave… Taco y Taco en Las Vegas…

Taco y Taco, Las Vegas

You might not choose Henderson, Nevada as your taco destination if you are visiting the Las Vegas area. And once you saw the place you were told to visit was in Henderson, you’d be sure you were in for one of those hip taco places. You know the type. The ones that scream faux Mexican, and seem to have an unlimited grated yellow cheese budget.

And you’d be wrong. Seriously wrong.

Taco y Taco, located just south of the 215 freeway on Eastern Avenue is simply put, the real deal. As I walked in I was reminded of Tacos el Pata of Queretaro. This place is not so much a Mexican Taco Stand as a Taco Factory. And what they churn out is about as close as you’re gonna get to an authentic taco in the Las Vegas area.


When you walk in you’re not going to see the garish caricatures so prevalent at many US taco institutions. Instead of garish colors, large sombreros and cactus designs all over the walls, here you’ll see bricks, their logo and a multitude of flat screen TV’s all tuned to the big soccer game of the day. In the background you’ll here Juanes, Ana Gabriel, Lila Downs and a host of other Mexican and Latin music stars.

Taco y Taco, Las Vegas

Inside one of the best taco places in Las Vegas

What you need to know going in is that like a taco stand in Mexico, you’ve got to step up. This is not a place for the timid. As soon as you pass through the big double doors you are staring at a counter where there are almost a dozen different choices.

Standard carne asada? Yep. Al pastor? Of course, Carnitas? Yes. And then all the less popular tacos among the gringo set… buche, tripas, head, lengua and more. Over the course of a few visits, I tried them all. Let me just say this… you want tacos? This is the place for you in Las Vegas.

Taco y Taco, Las Vegas, Dave Millers Mexico

Pure taco goodness from Taco y Taco in Las Vegas

Each of the tacos I tried was loaded with meat, served on a delicious corn tortilla and 100% devoid of that yellow cheese so prevalent in tacos sold in the states. Perhaps my favorite were the tacos de tripas [intestines] grilled and then fried to a crisp. Order them with confidence… these are great tacos!

But here’s where Taco y Taco shines and wipes out almost any taco stand you’ve ever been to in either the US or Mexico. The bar!

Headed up by Bar Manager Eddie Gunn, it’s top notch. While they have a gigantic tequila collection, perhaps the real star is the collection of mezcals Eddie has put together. It numbers over 70 and includes everything from Mezcal Derrumbes in San Luis Potosi to Del Maguey in Oaxaca and all parts in between. Add in a wonderful selection of micro brews and of course micheladas, and you’ve got a perfect place to unwind after a tough day.

Taco y Taco, Las Vegas, Dave Millers Mexico

Al pastor, carne asada and cow’s head tacos at Taco y Taco… with Mezcal Derrumbes from San Luis Potosi

Would I return? Of course I would, as evidenced by the multiple trips I’ve already made. Should you go? Only if you want to truly explore a taco experience more suited for Mexico than what you’ll typically find here in the US.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas and your hometown is a little lacking when it comes to Mexican food, put this place on your itinerary. Located just a short Uber ride from the strip, this is a great way to get your taco fix and not break the bank paying inflated Strip prices.

Taco y Taco… Eastern Location… 9470 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123. Tropicana Locations 3430 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Dinner for 2, with lots of tacos, about $25.00… drinks not included

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