Guelaguetza 2016

Just a few notes from our perspective about this years Calenda for the Guelaguetza Festival in Oaxaca.

We decided to sit out photographing the events in support of a local journalistic “blackout” of the event. They were protesting the recent, still unsolved murder of one of their own at the shootout in Nochixtlan.

These images are some of what we saw in a very uncrowded Oaxaca, Saturday, July 23.

DMX jr July2016x-9763
DMX jr July2016x-9762DMX jr July2016x-9784DMX jr July2016x-9765
DMX jr July2016x-9770

DMX jr July2016x-9764
DMX jr July2016x-9771
DMX jr July2016x-9777
DMX jr July2016x-9778DMX jr July2016x-9779
DMX jr July2016x-9790

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