Dining with Dave… Pasión del Cielo, at the Airport in CDMX

Pasion del Cielo,

I’m generally not a big fan of most local airport food options. Generally they over price and under deliver. That leaves travelers with few choices outside of the standards like Chili’s, Starbucks and in Mexico, Wings.

Today however, I was pleasantly surprised.

I arrived to the domestic side of the Mexico City Airport in the late afternoon. I then went to purchase my bus ticket to Queretaro and found out I had about a three hour wait. I had seen a coffee house called Pasión del Cielo in the middle of my 25 mile hike across the sprawling concourse. I decided to check it out and after purchasing my bus ticket, backtracked to settle in for my wait.

All I can say is I loved it.

While Pasion del Cielo was small… okay, very small, and with only a few outlets for charging, here’s what they offered. A variety of coffees, ground when you order and served as espresso or café Americano.

You want 100% Kona? They’ve got it. Coffee from Kenya? Of course. Something from Brazil? You can get that too. And if you are not sure of what you want. the staff is helpful and happy to serve you.

In short, I had a great cup of coffee. My experience at Pasio del Cielo was the perfect antidote to the “who cares” attitude found in many airport food shops.

Next time you find yourself in the CDMX Airport, Pasión del Cielo is a great place to get a cup o’ joe, just how you like it. And the price is right too!


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