5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience… with Eddie Gunn of Taco y Taco in Las Vegas

Eddie Gunn Taco y TacoTraveling for weeks at a time in Mexico, it’s hard not to think of home here in Las Vegas. The struggle for me is that almost as soon as I get back, I start thinking about Mexico again. Fortunately we’ve got some great places here where I can go and get some great tacos and feel a little bit like I am still in Mexico.

One of those places is Taco y Taco. But as great as the tacos are, [here’s my review] I’m just gonna say their mezcal collection is second to none, except maybe mine, here in the Las Vegas Valley.

Since today I am taking a friend there, what better day to highlight Eddie Gunn, the Bar Manager and the guy responsible for all of that great mezcal at Taco y Taco. After a couple of mezcals a few weeks back, I decided to ask him to share with us his 5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience.

Check it out and the next time you are in Las Vegas, give Taco y Taco a try… for the tacos of course, but also for the mezcal!

So here they are, Eddie Gunn’s Five Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience.


Mayalen – Pretty much a slam dunk here, go for the Borrego Pechuga from Guerrero. It’s made from the wild cupreata maguey and at less than $60.00 a bottle, it’s a great bargain.

Pierde Almas – While they have a full line of offerings, Eddie says the espadin is just fantastic.

Marca Negra – This one is gonna be hard to find, but Eddie recommends their Tepextate. It’s his favorite expression of this very rare wild agave.

Koch – Try the Coyote, made in San Baltazar. It has a nice cedar woodsiness to it and will pair nice with a great cigar out on the patio. This is driest mezcal in Eddie’s list.

Del Maguey – Go for their tobala. Besides it being the king of the magueys, you’ll find great balance and a nice smoky fruit finish.

So there you have. Five very different mezcals for you to experience, from Eddie Gunn of Taco y Taco in Las Vegas.


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