Dining with Dave… Elotes Hermanos Padilla en Queretaro


It’s not really a restaurant. It’s more like a cantina… for corn lovers.

When I was in Queretaro recently, I made a side trip to Tequisquiapan, about an hour outside of town. On the way there we passed a little hole in the wall place that is usually crawling with people. It’s simply called Elotes Hermanos Padilla.

Most gabachos will never stop there. First of all the building is nothing special. Out front are grills, made from 55 gallon drums, loaded with what looks like burned corn on the cob. And if it has rained recently, to get in you’re going to have to walk through puddles of mud.

But trust me on this… it’s worth it.

Once inside you’ll feel as if you’ve left behind every last vestige of the typical Mexico experience for people north of the Rio Grande. That’s because you’ll be right smack in the middle of My Mexico, the heart of that great country.

Elotes Gorditas Migajas Queretaro

I won’t sugar coat it. If you’re shy and struggle with Spanish, this place will be tough for you. As you walk in your senses are assaulted from every direction. It’s crowded, loud, the smell of cooked corn wafts everywhere and that’s all before you try to figure out what to order.

So here’s the deal. If you’re there, you want the gorditas migajas, a tradition in Queretaro. Basically they are little fried corn creations that open up like pita bread. They are then stuffed with pork, cheese and if you want, nopales and then tossed on your plate. Think of them as Mexican Hot Pockets, but I’ll deny I ever said that! Just know this, they’re delicious and you could probably eat them all day.

IMG_4418I started with three and went back for two more.

Now there’s one other delicacy you’ve got to try if you want the “full montenegro” experience. The elote. It’s corn on the cob, Mexican style. Served on a stick, it’s covered in almost whatever combination of mayo, butter, chile, lime, cheese and crema you want.

This is not fine dining, by any stretch of the imagination. What it is is the heart of the Mexican kitchen, corn, served up quick, hot and cheap. The perfect example of what I mean when I say “get off the beaten track” and explore the heart of Mexico!

Elotes Hermanos Padilla, Carretara San Miguel El Colorado-Higuerillas, Colon, QRO 76200

Cost for lunch, two people… about 10.00 USD.

***Travel Tip… this place is literally 5 minutes from the QRO airport. If you are flying in or out, put this place on your must visit itinerary. You won’t be sorry!


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