The 6th Annual Taste of Mexico… Showcasing the Authentic Traditions of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food gets a bad rap.

Taste of Mexico

The evening is electric and packed at the Annual Taste of Mexico in DTLA

Many people struggle to see any way possible for the wonderful food of our neighbors to the south to reach the top echelons of the world’s food culture. After all the reasoning goes, isn’t all Mexican food about tacos, greasy enchiladas and yellow cheese?

Saturday, October 15th you have a chance to explode that myth at the 6th Annual Taste of Mexico, a massive night of Mexican food being held this year once again at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in the heart of Los Angeles. 

I started going to this event back when it started at St Vibiana’s in Downtown Los Angeles. It was small, intimate and a blast. And I learned a ton about Mexican food, as I have every year I’ve returned.

Taste of Mexico

Mexican food royalty in Los Angeles. The founders of Taste of Mexico.

The founders have helped my foundation in Oaxaca, some are friends and all have taught me much about the food of my adopted country. I cannot imagine a better place to experience and learn about the authentic Tastes of Mexico than at this event.

Run as fast as you can to get your tickets. They are going to sell out fast and then all you’re gonna be left with is a watered down margarita and the dreaded Number 6 Combo plate with rice and beans.


The 6th Annual Taste of Mexico… tickets available here, and yes, go for the VIP access!

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