Matzo Balls in Mexico? For Rosh Hashana? Ask Pati Jinich…


One of the first members of the Board of Directors for my foundation was a Mexican, American, Baptist, Catholic, Agnostic, Jew.

I never knew back then that like America, Mexico has a lot of people with incredible mixed backgrounds. As some call it… Mestizaje.

I came across this great read from NPR featuring Pati Jinich, one of the great chefs of Mexico who also honors her Jewish roots. Take a read and as always…


This is a big weekend for matzo ball soup.

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, starts Sunday night, and chef Pati Jinich wants all the matzo-ball makers out there to understand: The soup doesn’t care whether you prefer floaters or sinkers.

“It turns out that matzo balls are insanely capricious,” Jinich says. “One Friday, they’re like, you can have me fluffy. And the other week is like, this is what you’ll get.”

Matzo ball soup is a classic recipe straight from Eastern Europe — typically chicken stock, root vegetables and dumplings made from the crumbs of unleavened bread.

Read more… 

Also, click here for a great “Cafe de Olla” recipe from Pati Jinich!

Here’s a quick read on the history of the Jews in Mexico.

BTW… it is amazing how many ways there are to spell Rash Hashanah. If I got it wrong, please forgive me… dave

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