Dining with Dave… Taste of Mexico 2016

I was at the first Taste of Mexico in 2010 at St Vibiana’s in Los Angeles. It was the first food event I covered when I was doing some work for the Multi Cultural Cooking Network. Having worked in Mexico for almost 20 years back then, I jumped at the chance to hang out with some of the best Mexican Chefs in Los Angeles.

Since then my team has been at every event. Some of the folks there know me as the crazy gringo who’s always going to Mexico.

This year as fate would have it, I was in the middle of a long stretch of travel across Oaxaca, Guadalajara and Buffalo and missed the Taste, but my team was there, keeping us connected and getting you some incredible shots of the action.

Here’s our thoughts, and the view, from our own Brother Joe Ramirez…


If we had to choose a theme for the 2016 Taste of Mexico, we would have to say it’s “Community”. What we saw were talented chefs, sharing delicious food and having a great time with their friends. With so many creative culinary artists, you didn’t see any hint of ego or rivalry. Talking with Chef Jimmy Shaw, he summed it up really well when he said “we all genuinely like each other.”  The Taste of Mexico is a great culinary festival, that has a family reunion type of feel, where all the chefs get to see each other once a year and celebrate the excellent food everyone has brought to the party!

With over 35 different restaurants to choose from, some will stand out more than others, based on what you like. If you love great food (that just so happens to be Mexican), go to the Taste of Mexico site, pick a few restaurants and go have your own Taste of Mexico with your friends!

And let us know when and maybe we’ll join you!


Los Angeles Mexican food royalty… the Lopez family with Chef Jimmy Shaw

If you didn’t make it to the 2016 Taste of Mexico, take a look at what you missed, and make sure you go next year!

i-mn3rdcb-xlThe calm before the storm… we highly recommend spending a little extra for the VIP tickets! You get in a little earlier and enjoy the same great food with a lot less people!

Pan de muerto from La Monarca Bakery… Que rico, siempre!


Chef Gilbert of Chichen Itza Restaurant serving up a real winner!


One of our favorites of the evening…yellowtail ceviche topped with fresh uni!

 Quench your thirst with Mexcal Tierra de Cuervos or Cerveza Estrella Jalisco


Chef Javier Plascencia with Toma Leche


Chef Vicente Del Rio with two of his chefs at FRIDA Mexican Cuisine

Agua Lucha: Tasty natural drinks with a heart to give back to the luchadores

Delicious food from Casa Oaxaca and Sonoratown


Tacos al pastor from Frida always go well with Ilegal Mezcal

i-pjsgqqg-x2One more photo with Casa Oaxaca

Maestro Pasadena, putting their spin on a classic street food!

i-tmmg4wn-x2Team El Coraloense… smiling now that the evening is almost over!

i-wzrpdzr-x2 Tacos Punta Cabras… another standout from this year’s Taste of Mexico

i-c2dz5bz-x2Loteria Grill’s Chef Jimmy Shaw, late in the evening, still serving great food and drinks!

i-wfnxvrd-x2Celebrating the 6th Annual Taste of Mexico!


It was great having Mezcal Los Javis sharing their mezcal at this year’s Taste

i-wd6rqrk-x2Baja California had a big presence at this year’s Taste of Mexico… with Chef Javier Plascencia, wine from Valle de Guadalupe and the Baja California Travel & Tourism Board

2 more standouts from Pez Cantina and Balam Mexican Kitchen


Great Chefs and friends at the end of another successful Taste of Mexico

The Taste of Mexico happens every year in Los Angeles around the 2nd weekend of October. Tickets always sell out so mark your calendar now for 2017. And remember, get the VIP option… it’s worth every extra penny!

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  1. Z… it’s always in early October. It is a great night out and as a foodie, you’d love it. Where else can you go and actually spend time talking with Chefs like this? No where. It is simply fabulous.

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