Dave Miller’s January 15th Mexico News Links

Buy the best mezcal like a pro? Maybe…

Anything that can help San Baltazar, Oaxaca, a place I’ve spent years working, is alright by me. Read Carlos Moreno’s story. 

Pretty nice list for novatos regarding mezcal, but as a point of fact, you can buy flavored mezcal, it just sucks.

Good luck Landon! I hope this latest dream is fully realized. Too bad not everyone in Mexico is convinced this is a good thing.

If you saw the movie Coco and want to travel to the locations that inspired the magical scenes in the movie, check this out and get your 2018 Day of the Dead travel plans ready.

I’ve already started getting calls asking if it is safe to travel to, and visit Mexico. Here’s a good read with the the most important thing you need to understand… nuance.

President Trump keeps asking for US Taxpayers to pay for his promised wall between the states and Mexico. Even as he insists Mexico will pay, this time by using NAFTA.

However, former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox does not take too kindly to Donald Trump’s remarks about that wall and certain other country’s quality of life.

Will the potential election of AMLO, the US Tax code revision and changes to NAFTA signal the coming of a perfect storm in Mexico?

I wonder if this flight attendant feels better for saving us from bad coffee and E Coli on our flights to and from Mexico?

I’ve flown Interjet a number of times across Mexico and have always enjoyed my experience. It would be huge loss to see them go under, but that may be a possibility unless they can right the ship.

And, it looks like AeroMexico is having a few problems too. I’ve got to admit, it’s hard to compete when you have an on time performance record in the 75% range.

I love Jose Clemente Orozco and his murals. Trust me, you should see them… in person, not in some 3D Visual mapping experiment. It just won’t be the same.

The big question for me regarding Hi-end Mexican food in the US is this… can it sustain the prices necessary to compete with other gourmet options. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure of this… you’ll never find a $60.00 taco in a number 3 combo platter!

Direct from Dave… the new year is upon us and after a passport renewal induced break from Mexico, I am happy to be back. In the next year I’ll be exploring new areas, bringing new stories and keeping you up to date on all that is happening in My Mexico. My favorite place on the planet! Bookmark my page and check back often!

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