Dave Miller’s February 15th Mexico News Links…

Spring Break is coming and that means a rash of Mexico is a dangerous place articles. Here’s a pretty typical example.

The world’s slowest traffic is found in… OAXACA!

My take on the latest traffic news from Oaxaca.

I’m not sure this is gonna end well for Mexican Quick Food giant Chipotle.

A little Spy vs Spy in Mexico? Let’s see how this gets spun…

Why are people surprised? Turkeys are almost royalty even now in Oaxaca.

Will a dropping peso seriously hurt someone like Carlos Slim? He just suffered a huge loss.

Journalists across Mexico continue to live in fear for their lives. Can anything be done?

Looking for a great getaway? Check out these fabulous hotels from across the country.

Casamigos Mezcal? Direct from George Clooney? Sadly, it looks like it.

I wonder if Clooney will help the general outlook for mezcal? Numbers were up over 11% for both tequila and mezcal in 2017.

Wanderlust indeed. A great primer on what to do in Oaxaca.

Apparently Fat Tuesday is not only tons of fun in Progreso, but also delivers tons of garbage.

Looks like attention is finally catching up with the reality of a great art scene in Guadalajara. Why it took so long is anyones guess, but I’ll just say, it’s about time.

A small but potentially important announcement from Carnival Cruise lines about their investment in Ensenada.

Hola, como te llamas… check out a You Tube Classic for first semester Spanish learners.

Enjoy the links… check back March 1st for another edition of Dave Miller’s Mexico News Links.

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