5 Mezcals You’ve Got to Experience… with Victor Garcia of Mezcalogia

IMG_7785He’s young, only 25 years old, but he’s loaded with confidence. When I met Victor Miguel Garcia he was working five nights a week pouring mezcal and mixing drinks at Mezcalogia in Oaxaca.

I asked him how he got his start in mezcal and he shared a stemwinder of a tale about trying the drink for the first time and just coming alive.

It resonated with me personally so I wanted to give him a chance to share with my readers in our 5 Mezcals You’ve Got To Experience series.


Thanks Victor for your list, presented here in no particular order…

Mezcalogia Jabali – If you know mezcal, you know a good Jabali is one of the pleasures of the drink. Victor was pouring this mezcal, from the Cortes family, the night we spoke, but favoritism doesn’t matter to him… this Jabali, at 55% is a stunner.

Jolgorio – Made by Pedro Vasquez, known affectionately as  Tio Pedro, Victor says try the Coyote at 50% alcohol. It simply reminds him of a full Oaxaca moon. A beautiful mezcal from the Miahuatlán region of Oaxaca.

Tobala – Here’s a no brand call for you. We ask for favorites and we take what people give us. The reality is this… every mezcal drinker has a no brand mezcal on his or her list. In this case, it’s a Tobala from Ejutla. At 48.5%, the particular one Victor likes is rich, dry and smoky.

 Jolgorio – This is the mezcal that changed Victor’s life and started him on his mezcal journey. He loves the Madre Cuishe from Santa Maria Zoquitlán at 48% alcohol and full of herbal notes, he’s sure you’ll like it too.

Cortijo – From Matatlán, Victor says try their Cirial, a member of the Karwinsky family. At 46% alcohol, this sweet tasting mezcal is a true delight.

So there you have it, 5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience, from Victor Garcia of Mezcalogia, one of the best places in Oaxaca to drink mezcal.

A final note… Victor’s a young guy, and still leans heavily towards brands he is familiar with. But I had a nice night talking to him and learning from someone who represents the next generation of mezcal lovers. After all, us older guys aren’t going to last forever.



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