Cheese With Your Wine? Checking out the queserias around Queretaro…

Quesos Bocanegra, Queretaro Cheese Tour, Dave Millers Mexico

The cheese cave at Cava de Quesos de Bocanegra near Queretaro

No trip to the wine region of Queretaro will be complete without visiting one of the local artisan queserias. This area, known as Ezekiel Montes and Tequisquipan is dotted by dozens of wineries and cheese houses. It’s also a foodies delight.

Prepare yourself for an adventure as you sample these locally made cheese offerings. Aged or new, straight or infused with jalapeño chiles, you won’t be disappointed by the selection and varieties of cheeses to be sampled.

Most of the places will set up a special tour for you if you call ahead. Trust me, that call and the few dollars they might charge you will be worth it as you sit with a local wine or beer and sample their cheese. I visited both the Neole factory and their Bocanegra Cheese Cave and Shop.

Some of the goodies and cheeses my group and I got to sample at the Bocanegra Cheese Cave near Queretaro.

On my tours, I got to see how cheese was made, tour the underground aging room where some cheeses have aged for over 300 days, learn more than I ever thought possible about cheese and of course, taste lots of cheese. You’ll also get a chance to try some local wines and even a local craft beer of two from their extensive collection.

I loved the experience and you will too. And, if you’re like my group, you’ll buy lots of delicious cheese to bring home.

Quesos Bocanegra, Qureretaro, Dave Millers Mexico

The extensive selection of local wines and craft beers available at the Bocanegra Cheese Cave near Queretaro, Mexico

If you’re trying to make the decision of which place to visit, you won’t go wrong with any of the places on this list. In fact, here’s a great weekend itinerary from the Mexican Tourist Board. Just make sure that when you go you’re hungry and in the mood for something new, different, and off the typical tourist track in My Mexico.

BTW… on your way back to Queretaro, or even San Miguel de Allende if you’re staying there, before you leave, make sure you stop at Elotes Hermanos Padilla. It’s a local favorite, cheap and a must visit if you’re a foodie. Get my review here! 


Don’t just read about it! Why not join me for a special wine and cheese tour in August or September as the grapes are harvested? Contact me ASAP to schedule your tour, receive exclusive access, tastings and a weekend to remember in the heart of My Mexico.

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