What’s up in Mexico? Dave Miller’s March 15, 2018 Mexico News Links!

Here they are… the mid-month Mexico News links, personally curated by me to keep you informed about What’s up in Mexico!


84% of the residents of Cancun consider the city unsafe. Even allowing for local hypersensitivity, that’s a high number. This article chronicles the increase in violence in that area over the last few years.

Who wouldn’t want to swim with the whale sharks in Holbox? But this off the beaten track locale offers so much more.

On the road in Oaxaca. I can honestly say I’ve never seen the veritable Nissan Tsuru, or as we know it here in the US, the Sentra, ever feted in an article, but here it is… and much much more!

The 5 cheapest places to visit in Mexico? I’m betting I can beat this list, but you’ll see some great stuff at any of these locations!

For St Patrick’s Day! Mezcal infused coffee. It takes Irish Coffee to a new and maybe better level…

But before your coffee, make sure to try a plate of these…

Cheese with your wine? Check out my thoughts on the queserias of Ezekiel Montes, near Queretaro.

If you don’t know how to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes… soup with a tortilla, you haven’t lived. Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza in Los Angeles gets it right in this nice read on “finger foods” around the world.

Snakes and reptiles in bottles of mezcal? Authorities in Oaxaca say it’s true! But check this article out… and see how reputable brands, like Wahaka and Koch among others, get slimed by the title and the attached picture. Disgusting!

From Susan Coss and Mezcalistas comes this missive fired across the bow of makers of mezcal like Kimo Sabe. It speaks to the basics like sustainability, production methods and of course honesty and integrity.

Late night parties, music and noise going on til the wee hours of the morning in Mexico? I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya…

It was a big night at the Oscars for Guillermo del Toro and Mexico. Here are his thoughts after The Shape of Water was awarded the Best Picture Oscar for 2017.

Amazon has a new rechargeable debit card coming to Mexico. The most interesting thing in this article is the stat that says less than a third of the people in Mexico have access to a credit card.

Want to understand the September quake that hit Mexico City? Turns out it what they call a “bending quake”… pretty rare. Here’s a nice read for my nerdier friends.

Finally, here’s an article on Digital Health to Improve Health Care in Mexico. As an outsider who provides healthcare to 1000’s of people annually in that great country, pure analog access will move the meter more right now than any digital initiative. I’m just sayin’…

Have a great week!


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