The Mezcalification of Oaxaca? Get the scoop from Mezcalistas…

Oaxaca at Night, Dave Millers Mexico

If you love mezcal and are not connected to Susan Coss and Mezcalistas, you’re missing out. Check out her recent post on the Mezcalification of Oaxaca. It’s more than just information.

Here’s a key thought that has ramifications across many different levels in Oaxaca…

“The little time I did spend in the city, as most of my time was spent out in the country, more often than not I heard an abundance of English and German, and far too many conversations about starting a mezcal brand, the Oaxaca equivalent of talking about your new app or series B funding. I was struck by how easy they made it seem – oh let’s just start a mezcal brand and make a lot of money – where as the reality is so much harder, and of course darker.” 

Check it out… Mezcalistas!

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