What’s up in Mexico? Dave Miller’s June 2018 News Links…

Sometimes the news just doesn’t let up. 

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a tsunami of articles related to Mexico. I’ve gathered some of the my favorites here for you to check out, highlighting everything from AMLO to the World Cup.

The former US Ambassador to Mexico has no problem speaking truth to power as it relates to the Trump Admin’s policy of “child separation” at the border, calling it Un-American.

Even Frida Kahlo made the news cycle recently. With an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, there are plenty of articles from which to choose. Here’s one from the Los Angeles Times, one from the Daily Beast and one from the BBC.

As Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador [AMLO] marches to the Presidency of Mexico, articles abound. This portrait is from the New Yorker. Residents of the US who choose to ignore his candidacy and our neighbor to the south will find themselves stunned when they wake up on July 2. Poised to get over 50% of the vote in a three way race, Lopez Obrador claims not even fraud can deny him the presidency now.

Somehow I don’t think a country full of people feeling disadvantaged and short of options are going to be moved by the latest millionaires coming out in support of AMLO’s opponents.

The uncertainty of what AMLO will do as president both within Mexico and in regards to dealing with President Trump seems to have investors running scared.

Unless you’ve been in a cave, you know it’s World Cup time. Right now, with a great goal from Hirving Lozano, El Tri is on top of the world. Here’s how one little guy in So Cal celebrated. 

Apparently the win was pretty earth shattering, or maybe earthquaking.

And yet, all is not well in Mexilandia… what happens if the Mexican fans persist in their questionable cheers and end up costing their team?

Finally, it wouldn’t be a news round up without a few quick takes on food and mezcal…

If you’re headed to Oaxaca and looking for somewhere to eat, or drink, you can’t go wrong with this list.

Here’s a Daily Beast read on mezcal and Ron Cooper’s impact. Looking for a cocktail? Here’s four for you showcasing mezcal, teguila and even Ancho Chile Liquor… Last, but certainly not least, my buddy Diego Bañuelos of Teote in Portland is featured in this article. I’ve been there myself, if you’re in the area, check it out.

There you have it, a quick recap of all the Mexico news that’s fit to print from the last week or so.

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