5 Mezcals To Experience

In Situ, Mezcal, Ulises Torrentera

One of the great mezcal collections… at In Situ in Oaxaca

Here’s what we do. We ask our friends to give us 5 mezcals you should experience. These are not necessarily their favorites, just 5 that caught their attention. If you went through everyone of these and picked one or two for your collection, you’d have some great stuff.

So check ’em out, grab a glass, and experience a little of the heart of My Mexico.

5 Mezcals with Andrea Ptacnik of Mezcal Animas y Casta Tribal

5 Mezcals with Gilbert Marquez of Mezcal Ilegal

5 Mezcals with Victor Garcia of Mezcalogia

5 Espadins with Dave Miller

5 Mexican Spirits with Nick Zukin of Mi Mero Mole in PDX

5 Mezcals with Jorge Vera of Convite Mezcal

5 Mezcals with Alberto Morales of Wahaka Mezcal

5 Mezcals with Erick Rodriquez

5 Mezcals with Fernando Lopez of Guelaguetza

5 Mezcals with Francisco “Rudy” Caconi

5 Mezcals with La Niña del Mezcal

5 Mezcals with Charles Collins of Real Matlatl

5 Mezcals with John McEvoy, the Mezcal Phd.

5 Tequilas with Scott Koenig, El Gringo in Mexico

5 Mezcals with Chef Pilar Cabrera, La Olla Restaurant, Oaxaca

5 Tequilas with Clayton Szczech, the Tequila Evangelist

5 Mezcals with Eduardo Belaunzarán of Wahaka Mezcal

5 Mezcals with Albert Carballo of Jarabe de Pico

5 Tequilas with Long Island Lou Caruso

5 Mezcals with Larry Auman of Cantina Mayahuel

5 Mezcals with Susan Coss of Mezcalistas

5 Mezcals with Eddie Gunn of Taco y Taco


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