Meet Dave

Dave and his friend Abraham Montaño at his bakery in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca

Who knew over 20 years ago when Dave Miller first visited Mexico that it would become his adopted country.

Since that first visit, Dave has facilitated hundreds of groups traveling in Mexico. It takes a special person to be able to bridge the divide between the two cultures and Dave is that guy. Equally at home in the typical suburban three bedroom home in the United States or the small block home in a village in Mexico, Dave has shown over and over that he is at home in both cultures.

For the family who has never traveled in Mexico, to the person who is ready to venture off the typical tourist trail and explore something new, Dave Miller’s Mexico brings you a unique perspective. It is a perspective gleaned from years of travel and experiences that few will ever match.

Join him on his journey and experience Mexico as few have, step by step as he seeks to share the culture, the art, the food and the richest resource of all, the people of Mexico with you.

When not on his travel adventures around Mexico, Dave heads up Adventure in Life Ministry, a non-profit that supports and provides leadership for church and community development in Mexico.

Dave lives in Las Vegas, has been married for almost 35 years to his wonderful wife Chelle, and has one son, Joseph, who is an Auburn alum.  War Eagle!

Dave can be found on Twitter @DMillersMx

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  1. Hola Dave,
    Muchas gracias for subscribing to my blog! How long will you be in Oaxaca? Let me know if you want to meet for coffee and swap tips. Oaxaca is a very special place.
    — Shannon

    • While I do not live in Oaxaca, I am there a significant amount of time every year working… I also spend a lot of time in both Guadalajara and Ensenada… thanks for commenting!

  2. So Dave, I live in Henderson. I have a small collection of tequila (a bit over 300 bottles). Maybe we can get together some time and taste! You’ll find me on Facebook. And I think we have a few friends in common!

  3. Dave – greatly enjoyed your piece about the teacher’s strike history and where we are today. Fantastic job on breaking down how complex the issues are for people who have never really spent time in Oaxaca. I have a blog about mezcal –, and have lived in Oaxaca off and on since 2003. It is breaking my heart, this current situation as I once again see my Oaxaca friends getting crushed with business dying etc. There is no safety net or wiggle room for most Oaxacans 😦 Anyhow, thanks again for the clear writing!

  4. re: your most recent piece on the blockades/ etc……..thanks for breaking this down. One question I’d like to see answered & included is government salaries/bank accounts as well — it’s illuminating to see the disparity in teacher salaries (skimming) — but I understand it happens plenty on the government side as well. Have had people point out extravagant homes and say the owner managed this on a gvmt. salary. My impression is that teachers bear the brunt of many people’s frustration because they are out there, clearly visible and disruptive. The other side controls much of the language … “reform” for instance sounds like such a good thing. Gvmt is most visible in reaction. My question is why there has not been an internal uprising and better leadership in CNTE? appreciate any insight!

    • An Internal Uprising in CNTE? That’s probably an oxymoron. The people who would have to lead the uprising would lose their jobs as CNTE has the ability to hire and fire. Well, at least they did until last year. And that’s part of the issue.

      As for gov’t, you can bet theres plenty of corruption there as well. Mexico is not an open society in any real way. We are still waiting for information on the 1968 massacre in Tlatelolco and the 43 teachers missing from Ayotiznapa. Your point about homes is well taken as even EPN has some issues in that area with the Casa Blanca.

  5. Thanks for breaking down the Teachers Union and their strike. I finally found gas today in Puerto Escondido, and plan to head for the Guatemalan boarder very soon. It has amazed me at how effective the Teacher’s have been at shutting down the state, and how it has been allowed to happen. The worst part is that there doesn’t look like there is any end in site.

    On another note, I am a Las Vegas native, and finally left January 2016 to travel the world. Also, I have a friend named Dave Miller, from High School, who lives in Colorado now.

    Thanks for your insite.

  6. Love the Mezcal posts. I’m in Mexico now and wanted to see what two or three bottles of Mezcal you’d suggest picking up that I can only get here? I’ll have to get them from a store like La Europea but they have a big selections. Cheers!

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