Get a Taste of Mexico… in Los Angeles

Normally when people think about Mexico and her culture, they associate that specifically with being in Mexico.  Tonight though, many of us will be celebrating Mexico, her culture and specifically the authentic flavors from south of the border, but in another location. In 2010 a group of restaurant owners in […]

Dining with Dave… El Naranjo, Austin, Texas

In May of 2006, school teachers in Oaxaca City staged a protest to demand higher wages.  What was originally a peaceful demonstration soon turned into a 6 month nightmare for businesses, tourism and the many people who made their living in the service industry of this United National World Heritage City. One […]

Welcome to Dave Miller’s Mexico

In over 20 years leading groups and traveling throughout Mexico, I’ve been privileged to see and experience this great country in a way few people ever will. Instead of just flying from destination to destination and seeing the country from 35,000 feet,  I’ve rode the bus, walked the dirt roads and lived with […]