Meet Ed Draves

Ed Draves, Dave Millers Mexico, Premier Wine and Spirits, Mezcal

Here’s a shot of Ed onsite at Wahaka Mezcal in San Dionesio Ocotepec

I met Ed for the first time in Oaxaca in 2012 when he came to help my foundation do some work on a site in Tlacolula, just east of the capital city.

As we got to know each other, I found out he has a long background in the Wine and Spirits industry in Western New York.  I knew I had to introduce him to mezcal.  Like he does with wine, Ed has an incredible ability to taste, smell and experience the many nuances that combine to make a great mezcal.

Ed does all of the tastings for Dave Miller’s Mexico and the majority of these are blind tastings. We send Ed a series of unbranded bottles with a number code, he tastes them and then sends his thoughts back to us. Then, we let him know what he had in the glass.

That way you can be sure that our reviews, despite our friendships with a growing number of mezcaleros and industry people, are unbiased.

Ed works at Premier Wines, is married to Anne, has two children and lives next door to Buffalo, New York, in Orchard Park.

You can contact Ed through twitter using his handle @EdDraves…