Meet Joe Ramirez

Joe Ramirez, Brother Joe, Humanitarian Photography, Dave Millers Mexico

Here’s Joe with a little guy from Guatamala on one of his recent photo shoots.

Joe is the eye behind the lens for Dave Miller’s Mexico.  Traveling alongside Me since 2010, Joe and his team of humanitarian photographers at Mission Focused have not only documented the work of my foundation in Mexico, they have come to know and respect our vision of local, small footprint mission, travel, and adventure in Mexico.

I’ve known Joe Ramirez for years, but it took me a long time to get him to Mexico. As he has traveled with me throughout the country I have come to trulylove his eye. He sees things I never knew were there and his ability to “get the shot” is amazing.

When Joe is not in Mexico with us, he calls San Diego home and always shoots Canon!

You can reach out to Joe through his twitter handle… @brotherjoe

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  1. loved both the blogs about 5 mezcales to taste and the one about visiting the birthplace of mezcal, im mexican traveling to oaxaca for a week at the end of the month and would love some more info about where to go to see alebrijes and the textiles off the beaten track, i am fully bi lingual and i will have a Canadian with me,, please point me in all the right directions

    • Thanks for the nice words… alebrijes are an interesting thing to find… the best place is San Martin Tilcajete on the rumbo a Ocotlan… you can get a collectivo from the city for about 20 pesos… But here’s the deal, once you are there, you are gonna want to walk the city and go from house to house. Sure there is a center there, but the best stuff is found in a few key homes.

      I’ve paid kids to help me find those homes and we’ve just walked. You could hire a mototaxi for the day pretty cheap I imagine. Look for Jacobo and maria Angeles place… some of the best stuff in the world.

      Also, on Fridays, the Ocotlan market is fantastic. Busses go direct from Oaxaca City…

      For the textiles, that depends on what you are looking for… rugs, clothing, table linens, etc. Let me know…

      And… i will be in Oaxaca for the next 4 weeks starting Tuesday. You can reach me by email at oaxdave at gmail punto com!

      love to have coffee and talk Oaxaca… what part of Mexico are you from?


  2. Dave,

    Is there some sort of special or big event/festival, etc. that takes place every May in Matatlan, Oaxaca that you know about? Please let me know. Thanks! Justin

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