Mezcal Tasting 101… how we do it!

We’ve been asked many times how we do our mezcal tastings. So let’s pull the curtain back a little and give you the skinny. First, all of our tastings are done by Ed Draves. Ed has spent many years in the wine business, selling, buying, tasting and everything in between. […]

Ed Draves Samples… Mezcal Olla Zapoteca

Here’s the latest from Ed Draves, our resident Buffalonian and taster/reviewer of all of our mezcals. Brand… Mezcal Olla Zapoteca Category… Tobalá… 50% Alcohol Origin… Mitla, Oaxaca Tasting Notes… From Alejandro Gonzales, this mezcal is incredibly sweet and has a nice powerful and floral nose (brought visions of Springtime in my garden) rising from the glass […]