The Week in Mexico News Roundup…

A semi regular feature of Dave Miller’s Mexico… a few quick reads about Mexico that showed up around the net during the last week.  We don’t endorse them, and we may not even agree with them, we just share them.


NAFTA: 20 Years of Regret for Mexico… Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian

Poverty in Mexico: A few more pesos, a lot more stress… The Economist

NAFTA at 20: Ready to take off again? The Economist

Mexico in 2014: Can Peña Nieto consolidate reform? Duncan Wood, CNN

Justicia ya, riqueza para todos… John M. Ackerman

Mexico’s Zapatista rebel movement marks 20 years… AP News

If you want to read more, here’s a list of the available online newspapers from Mexico.

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