Feliz Aniversario Oaxaca!

Oaxaca… 485 Years Young!

Happy Anniversary Oaxaca.

You had me from the moment I first met you in 1999. I stayed in an old hotel in Jalatlaco called Casa Arnel and that day a friend and I grabbed a taxi and went to the market in Zaachila.

When we got there we took an old bus up La Lobrera to try and find some friends. It was a lot more rugged back then, but just as beautiful. Talk about off the beaten track!

Over the years I’ve prayed in countless churches, been the invited güero too many time to count, made lots of what will be lifelong friends, and fallen in love with mezcal.

But it is the city, with her vibe, style and gait that continues to call me almost 20 years later.

It’s a wonderful, magical place.

Felicidades Oaxaca… 485 years!

2 replies

  1. I too have fallen in love her. While I don’t know her like you do obviously, what I do know I love.

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