Dave Miller’s February 1st News Links

Mercado Abastos in Mexico City has recently been recognized as a tourist destination of excellence by a tourist festival in Spain. Most interesting to me was the size of the mercado, coming in at 328 hectars, or, in honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, more than 600 football Americano fields.

The fall of the Aztecs has baffled scientists for years. Here’s a new theory being tested out… salmonella.

Hungry for that classic Mexican meal? Here’s a quick lesson on how to make tortillas! Check it out.

If you’re headed to Mexico City, or DF, or #CDMX, here’s a nice list of places you should try for good eats. 38 of them to be exact, complete with a map.

Poppies, poppies everywhere, especially in Guerrero, Mexico, the third largest producer in the world behind Afghanistan and Myanmar. Guerrero is also the largest source of heroin in the United States.

76% of adults living in Mexico believe their city is unsafe. That’s a staggering number. Drill down and the numbers, based on perceptions, get even worse. And yes, it’s in Spanish.

Immigration is a dicey subject for many, but everyone should be able to agree that no one deserves to die trying to better their life. Here’s a recent report on how ICE policy forces people to choose the most dangerous routes as they try to cross over into the US.

With the trend towards drug legalization in the US, is marijuana on the way out as a cash crop in Mexico? Maybe so according to this article from the LA Times.

AMLO, Trump and of course, Putin all make appearances in this read about what may be the most important elections in 2018, the race for the presidency of Mexico.

After the GOP led Senate refused to consider President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee in the last year of his presidency, many cried foul. They argued that voters had a right to weigh in. Now we’re hearing the same logic used in Mexico as it relates to renegotiating NAFTA.

This article says your flights into and out of Mexican Airports are “more or less” on time. Well that’s true if you consider under 80% on time for almost all the major airports in the country. It’s in Spanish, but the chart is full of good info and trust me, you’ll understand it.

Everyone knows the safest place to store stuff in a Mexican kitchen is in the oven. Check out this vid from Mario Aguilar… and keep an eye out for the oven throughout the too quick 2 minutes.

Stealing gasoline from Pemex in Mexico? I’m guessing this is a bigger business than the chicoleros fueling up those ubiquitous motos that dominate small town Mexico in the south.

Would you get a root canal done in Mexico? How about an implant? Medical tourism in Mexico has been growing by leaps and bounds since it hit my radar years ago when I met an Australian bloke who came twice a year just to get his teeth done.

It was an earth shaking year in Mexico. 2017 saw more earthquakes than ever before for our neighbor to the south.

We’ve had wine from Mexico for decades. Some say it is poised to really take off. For that to happen, I think California is going to have to loosen their protectionist restrictions against the industry.

A couple of interesting stats on US market penetration for certain mezcal brands.

Is Sotol the next Mexican spirit to jump on a big wave? These three Texas veterans sure hope so.

Ever hear of the New World Archeological Foundation? Yeah, me neither until I ran across this read on ancient Mesoamerican civilizations.

That’s it for now… check back on February for more links. Until then, here’s one more, a shameless personal plug to check out my personal 5 Mezcals Everyone Needs to Experience.


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