Dave Miller’s March 1st Mexico News Links…

Here’s all the news that’s fit to print, personally selected by me to keep you informed across a wide spectrum about My Mexico…

The US Ambassador to Mexico has just announced her resignation. Are US/Mexico relations just going to continue further into the tank?

Death squad tactics in Mexico? By the police? Why does this keep happening?

I’m not sure most people in the US can imagine how terrible Russian meddling in the upcoming Mexico elections would be for us and our neighbor to the south. Our foibles in the US notwithstanding, we should be doing everything we can to help Mexico defend themselves.

I’m shocked, shocked that political parties in Mexico might consider buying votes with cheap tortillas. Better to hold out for the proverbial torta, chips and 200 pesos.

I wonder what makes up the “core inflation” index in Mexico. Everything I buy from tortillas to gas to cement to steel for construction has increased way more than 3%.

I love tejate, but I wonder of it can actually make someone a living in Los Angeles.

I was in Oaxaca for the last 7+ earthquake, the third time I’ve been there for one that big. I have no idea how Mexico responds to the third earthquake of this magnitude in less than 6 months.

There are some folks extremely critical of Rick Bayless. Let me say this… he’s an extremely generous man who helps out where he can, whether that’s for Chicago theater or helping me get clean water to Oaxaca.

The largest international boat regatta in the world? It’s the Annual Newport to Ensenada run every year in April.

Are you a Mexican food fan? Check out Scott Koenig’s A Gringo in Mexico page and make it a regular read.

In case you’ve never heard of the Guadalupe Valley [Valle de Guadalupe] north of Ensenada, here’s a nice write up from the San Francisco Chronicle.

He didn’t do as well as Felipe Muñoz did in the 1968 Olympics, but German Madrazo got a hero’s welcome after finishing the 15km cross country ski race at the Winter Games in Korea.

A Visit Mexico University to help travel agents better sell Mexico? I’d love to be a professor there.

Man’s best friend might have originated way back with the Aztecs and the Maya… check out this read on the Xolos from Nat Geo.

And here’s my final link of the day… a little bit of video humor, titled simply, The Job.

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